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The Truth Is…Eco-Cubos Mexico (ECMs) are a good idea that will significantly reduce the amount of uncontrolled trash in the streets Puerto Vallarta (PV).

…ECMs are not a One-Size-Fits-All Solution to the trash problem in PV. For trash problems in high-density areas there may not be enough space available for an ECM to function without impeding pedestrian and/or vehicle traffic.

…Installed ECMs need a small amount of periodic cleanup to keep the ECMs areas clean from loose trash. The Recycling Bins need to be emptied when full to allow for the ongoing recycling of plastic bottles and metal cans.

...ECMs should be placed on a impervious surface and attached at the four bottom corners with strong tie-down straps that are locked down with anchor bolts.

…The ECM Company is a Startup that was created in 2019 by Hans Brinkerhoff. 

…ECMs are Patent Protected in Mexico, registered Folio #24581, by Hans Brinkerhoff.

…ECMs are only available from The ECM Company located in PV.

…Each ECM requires focused and steady workers that believe in what the ECM Project is attempting to accomplish. Each Eco-Cubo Mexico requires significant time and effort to fabricate and assemble. A quality product is essential to withstand the harsh conditions of Mexico 24/7 year after year.

…Eco-Cubo Mexico Prospective Buyers will be added to a "ECM Waiting List" and prioritized on a First-Come-First-Serve basis. As Eco-Cubos are produced and available, prospective Buyers on the"ECM Waiting List" will be contacted to finalize a "ECM Purchase/Sale Agreement".

...If for some reason an Eco-Cubo Mexico does not work out for a Buyer, The ECM Company will allow a Return-Within-30- Days-of-Purchase if the Cubo is not damaged and the Buyer is willing to pay a re-stocking fee.

...The most tragic cases of Environmental and Ambiance damage caused by uncontrolled trash are in the outlying residential neighborhoods that are not located on the main arterial streets of PV. These are the areas that need the most help and are the least likely to receive assistance.  They have minimal public services and generally household resources are very limited. 

...Common areas such as Drainage Canals are frequently used as convenient locations for trash piles to disappear. There are literally mountains of trash washed into the local rivers, Bandera Bay and the Pacific Ocean during each rainy season.

…The ECM Company welcomes collaboration with groups that share a desire to "Make PV Clean".

..."Money Makes the World Go Round" and it takes money to obtain the quality materials that make an Eco-Cubo Mexico what it is. Money for dependable workers and money to pay the rent etc etc. An Eco-Cubo Mexico does cost money.

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